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"For the first time in a long time the markets make sense!"

Student comment:

"Firstly just wanted to say thanks for setting up this service and passing on your knowledge. For the first time in a long time the markets make sense. I've been trying this fx game for a long time, tried many different strategies, spent countless hours reading watching videos...which in hindsight is all a waste of time if you're getting taught something that doesn't work in the first place. The way you see the markets is the only way it should be read, price reacts at points as a big thank you for helping me turn the corner. My goal has always been to do this full time so I have time with my family and because of you I am a step closer to that goal, so once again thank you!"



Hey CS,

Really glad to hear of the hard work you've been putting in...

Thanks for the great feedback. It has been an amazing experience for me putting together the education and the sessions we have been doing. I have been learning a lot from the experience and it has reinforced the methods used to trade even greater for me personally. There is even more to come so stay tuned and keep working hard!


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