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"Finally, I found you and I am sure it is a breakthrough!"


Hello Kevin

To introduce myself, my name is A and I recently enrolled as a student in White Oak Trading University.

Well, as a background, I started my quest to search the truth underneath the price action almost 1.5 years ago (September 2017). It was certainly a long rough ride but plenty of lessons therein. All along the way, I read through number of books, best sellers, subscribed to services and ran a million Google searches, trying to seek light and identify the approach and system which can take me somewhere in the field of trading. I must say it was enlightening on every aspect starting from risk management, money management, discipline required and the necessary mind-set but not the trading system and approach.

Finally, I found you and I am sure it is a breakthrough!

I have gone through a number of your recorded webinars and classes available at Students’ Portal. I’m excited and feels like for the first time that I am able to connect and heading in the right direction.

I do have some questions and shall put my mind and words together in the coming weeks after completing Level 1 classes and seek further guidance as we move forward. I would certainly need your help and guidance in furthering my knowledge and developing the skill-set.

This email is just to appreciate the hard work in putting your life learning together, and generosity in making it accessible to students like me.

Thank you for being there.

May God bless you.



Hi A,

Thanks for your wonderful message to me. I am so glad you have that feeling in you, that feeling that you have found what you are looking for. I too have had that feeling and continue to feel those feelings as I discover new things within the markets and how they work.

I have also been inspired with my work and servicing others in my quest to help as many people with trading the markets as I can. We recognize what we do here at the school is special and unlike anything that is offered and it's the reason why we are growing so quickly. There are a ton of methods and ideas of how the markets work and they continue to let aspiring traders down each and every day and we pride ourselves in offering real quality education and guided classroom sessions every week in order to help our students to learn the real business of trading.

Trading is not easy, as many would say, but it is possible to make a great living from it IF you put in the work and that work has to be correct, as you have already discovered, so welcome, we are happy you are here and will everything we can to help make your trading dreams a reality! ;)

Kevin Araujo



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