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$EURUSD forecast for October 2020

The power of doing analysis on the #CFTC report data is so incredible. Once you see the power it holds you'll never shy away from it again.

For example, we currently have a situation on the #EURUSD chart where the institutions recently pushed price high up through major supply they had created and now price is just sitting at these highs.

NOW WHAT? What can we use to determine what the next move is?

Let's have a look at the #CFTC data and see what is tells us.

What we can immediately see is that the institutions have reached an all time high of 266k in long positions. So one thing you have to understand is that the bankers have certain limits they work within and when they reach those limits they do the same things the vast majority of the time. So knowing this it would be interesting to know what happened with price last time they were so over loaded with long positions.

Well that was back in January of 2018:

Now what we can do is have a look at the charts and see what happened with price in 2018 and determine what is likely going to happen with price now:

You can see that back in early 2018 when long positions were over loaded we then saw price decline very drastically. Now take a look at price and what would you think should happen next!?

Kevin Araujo



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