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Becoming empowered during challenging times!

I’m sure you’ve heard this expression a hundred times by now “we are in unprecedented times” and it’s true we are when it comes to the very specific circumstances the world is facing right now but in terms of humanity being tested to see how strong our will is, this isn’t the first time and it will not be the last. In these times I want you to remember something very important. As we study the markets we see examples of how the media does not work in the favour of the everyday trader and this unfortunately is because the media is controlled by a very small group of companies that service the agendas of the world banks. As professional traders we have learned to ignore the media and stay focused on what the institutions are doing with the markets and it is within this process that the truth is revealed. I think we can learn a very important lesson from this, a lesson that can be applied to understanding the world we live in and the events taking place right now.

Around us we are being bombarded by a lot of data, pictures, graphs, charts, so called “experts” etc. and it’s all in an attempt to explain what is apparently happening in the world. We are being told what to expect, how this will play out and now we are even being forced to act a certain way. We would never accept this in the trading world, if we were being forced to open positions in the markets based on their analysis, their forecasts and their recommendations. We would not risk our money based on anything accept our own analysis and understanding of how the markets truly work but this is because we study the markets. The problem that exists today is that too many of us have failed to study the world in which we live in, we don’t truly understand the dynamics of how our world works, how governments work, how the media is being used. So now we face this circumstance where we are being told what to do and we are not equipped with the critical skills, the skills of how to learn to enable us to be empowered with a higher level of understanding and so when one finds themselves in this position, they tend to trust what they are being told by the so-called experts, the media and their governments. How did that work for you when you were trading? Now don’t get me wrong I am not saying don’t trust anyone. What I am saying is empower yourself with the ability to examine the facts, take in the data, look at as much of it as you can and come up with your own conclusions that make sense to you. There are no longer any distractions to keep you away from doing the work, no hockey, football, soccer, theatre, shopping malls, so I look at this time right now as a blessing because we can use this time to empower us to a level we never achieved before.

I will not tell you what I think is going on in the world right now because it would be pointless. Just like in trading, we are all at our own levels of understanding and perspective. We all must travel our own paths to finding knowledge, understanding and wisdom. It will be found though, only if you search for it and to be empowered, you must!

Kevin Araujo


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I really enjoy reading your posts Kevin. You always make some great points and say some thought provoking things.

It's interesting that you say you look at this time right now as a blessing because I have honestly been thinking of it the same way. My 2 week anniversary as a one of your students is this weekend. I've logged countless hours doing chart work over the past 2 weeks. There's no doubt in my mind I've put over 100 hours in. There's no way I would have been able to spend near as much time doing this if I didn't have to virtually shut my business down temporarily because of the virus. It's 5:12 am right now. I couldn't…


Well Said... and many thanks for taking the time to remind me of the great opportunity in front of me....

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