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🏦👤Banks CEO's said Gold Higher, We said No Way!

Based on the Commitments of Traders data reported on: September 20th 2022

#GOLD traders are mostly long which works well for a drop to come and it has been taking place just as we had forecasted. Monthly demand is removed and price has room to continue dropping.

#OIL dropping right now and the ascending weekly trend line broke and the flood gates are now open.We can see the momentum pushing price downwards. Decline took place a lot sooner than I thought it would.

$EURUSD traders are mostly long this pair which makes it perfect for the drop we are now seeing. Monthly demand is being removed with a dip past the distal right now, could end up being taken out by the banks. Our focus should be on shorting at this time as there is no signs of any type of rally to come.

$BITCOIN Weekly demand came into play, a daily momentum shift was created and contacted for a short term move higher, it failed to proceed through to weekly supply and now has dropped from the weekly trend line. Watching for now. 🔴 Bearish bias ⏰longer

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