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Attracting the right things to you!

I was recently invited to a BBQ at a friend’s house. This friend of mine loves to cook and so we talk about cooking whenever we get a chance so naturally when I received the invitation to the party I was very excited about the party and the opportunity I would have to taste some of her food. So I went to the BBQ last weekend and when I got there I was greeted by many friends as well as her sister who had come all the way from Ottawa to come and help with the food prep. I couldn’t believe how thoughtful that was of here so I had to be introduced to her to thank her for all her hard work.

When I entered my friend’s kitchen to meet her sister I immediately noticed how cute and cozy her kitchen was. I commented to her on how I loved her kitchen and the antique stove she had. As we discussed the stove and the other items she had she brought my attention to a gift basket she had put together for one lucky winner of the door raffle she was going to put on. As part of the gift basket was a wine bottle with a very clever device holding the bottle in place. The mechanics to remove it was a puzzle and I was immediately drawn to it. Being a student of magic, I am always drawn to the mysterious and always looking for a problem to solve, so I sat in that kitchen for a few moments staring and playing around with the device trying to unravel it’s secret. I eventually got to a point that I realized sitting there for much longer would be impolite and so I had to, under protest, pull myself away from this mystery to engage with the rest of the party.

The host realized how much I loved the item and was very happy to have chosen such a clever little item to put with the gift basket. Fast forward through a great party, wonderful food and great conversations and laughs, I went home to work on last week’s report. Later on that evening, I received a text message from my friend notifying me that I won the gift basket and the enchanted wine bottle puzzle. Now I’ve known for some time that you always attract things in your life for a reason and I must let you know that my friend told me that the draw wasn’t rigged and in fact I was the only person who cared to sit and try to figure out the puzzle at any point during the party, so it was like the puzzle wanted to be solved by the only person worthy of discovering it’s riddle. Needless to say I was floored by her text and this became yet another interesting story to tell.

To be continued....

Kevin Araujo


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