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Are you ready for what is coming?

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

Are you working? Are you going through previous classroom sessions and taking notes, doing the homework on each session and preparing for the LIVE classroom session coming later this month? I hope you are! In this downtime I’ve been having I’ve also been doing some planning for the future of the school. We have been experience tremendous growth since we’ve opened our doors and the school and its comprehensive education is becoming more refined as time progresses. Things will only get better from here on I can tell you that!

One thing I wanted to bring to your attention is a recent article I read regarding the largest supply/demand trading school around, called OTA (Online Trading Academy) and they are being sued by the FTC. Why are they being sued? Well, when I was a student there I felt their education was decent but when I tried to use their “strategy” to actually make money in the markets, I found it to be very inconsistent. There reason being because what they taught did not touch on the more complex portion of the markets, which is how they move. I think the reason for this is because understanding this takes a considerable amount of work and resources to try to figure out, if they even believed they could. So what resulted is an education that left much to be desired, yet they continued to sell their education as all one would need to become very successful trading the markets. In short, they really did sell a lie and I think they knew that very well. The truth is they didn’t offer an education that could provide someone with enough to trade successfully and for that reason, among their false claims of student success, they are now being sued. So for any current students who have taken their courses and invested thousands of dollars, there may be a chance of receiving a refund before they go belly up.

With that said, what we teach here goes way beyond what was taught at OTA. Our way of drawing zones is more advanced, we have incorporated and advance trend line system and the idea of forces is completely original with our school. The amazing things about what we teach is that it is a foundation for the lessons you’ll learn from the markets and our system will always become more defined as time goes on. So with that said, get back to work and prepare for the upcoming classes because things are about to get intense! ;)

Kevin Araujo


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Not sure Serge, I'm waiting to hear word from the news.


Hi Kevin

I took Forex(2017) and Futures(2018) from OTA

Do you think it is possible to get refund ?


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