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A note about what I’ve learned about confidence!

One thing I am starting to become more aware of is just how my past has molded me to becoming the trader I am today. We deal with a very “unpredictable market”, the world’s largest market, with cut throat traders looking to take advantage of any weakness they spot. How is it that one can approach this market with a real sense of confidence when you are up against such uncertainties?

In my past, I used to run a family commercial building cleaning business and the one thing I disliked the most about it was being responsible for the actions of others. I said to myself that the one thing that would make me happy was to find a profession that would make me money but would have me relying on only myself because with clients and staff, you need them both to cooperate in order to make a profit. With trading, it’s only you and your charts and if you do what’s required of you to succeed, you will have success and if you don’t, you simply won’t. It’s that simple! I loved the idea of this and having known the uncertainties of success when it involved other variables that you cannot control, dealing with the markets became an experience where I felt in complete control. Outsiders think my profession has the most unknowns and risk, I see it as having the least amount of unknowns and risk and it’s mostly due to developing a deeper understanding of market behavior and having control of my involvement in the markets. So it’s interesting how one can perceive the markets and you must always remember that what you perceive to be true will be true for you!

Kevin Araujo



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