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Student Membership: when you enroll as a student it's because you want to take full advantage of the resources we have at the school. You want to learn the worlds most accurate market analysis system and you are committed to learning and working. Student membership provides the entrance to the school you need to be able to graduate through the levels of education.

Student membership includes access to:

  • Everything listed in the ACCESS membership PLUS

  • Access to our EXCLUSIVE three level Video Lesson Library: containing principles and concepts never taught before. The lessons in our library will allow you to interpret the charts in such a way that your analysis will become incredibly accurate. (access to our level two and three libraries require you to graduate to those levels)

  • Access to our EXCLUSIVE three level Classes: these classes are some of the most powerful sessions you'll ever experience. This is where we take the concepts and principles you've learned from the lesson library and apply them to the charts. Homework is provided and review in the next session. (access to our level two and three classes require you to graduate to those levels)

    • All classroom sessions are recorded/uploaded and made available to students ​after they are completed live so you can study on your own time and schedule.

  • Access to the Archive: we have an incredible archive of past classroom sessions that we've done that are full of invaluable information regarding the markets. Each sessions contains a very deep analysis of price action using the Sherlock Analysis Process. We've examined $EURUSD $AUDUSD the Dollar and many more historical charts unveiling many mysteries of price action.


One time payment of $175 CAD for 3 months afterwards $125 CAD per month

Student Membership


Whte Oak Access

White Oak Access Membership: is for the professional trader looking to supplement their trading with our professional analysis of the CFTC CoT Reports and Institutional Supply/Demand.

Basic membership includes access to:

  • The Araujo Report: our incredible CFTC analysis report that is being used by professional money managers around the world. The report is put together each weekend and sent out to members only.

  • CFTC Data Video Analysis: a detailed video analysis session breaking down the latest institutional position data and forecasting where price is likely to go based on historical movements.

  • Basic Video Library: is to help you get acquainted with our vocabulary and basic foundational information needed to make best use of our analysis and resources.

  • School Forum which includes our:

    • Observation Journals: ​we map out the institutional supply/demand on Gold, Oil and the major and cross pairs. Applying the Sherlock analysis/forecasting process we also lay out out forecasts for price. Offering targets, reversal points and overall commentary on what the institutions are doing with price.

    • School Portfolio: the trades we take on the school portfolio is all outlined within the forum as well. A break down of the trade idea, including reasons why the trade is a high probability and all entry points, targets and stop losses are detailed. FULL VIDEO Watchlists and Market Analysis Sessions

    • Student Trade Ideas: students with more experience using our methodology post their trade ideas.

White Oak Access - exclusive analysis delivered to you

One payment of $169 CAD for 3 months then $79 CAD per month

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