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There is a process we do routinely when we review the markets. We do it regularly but provide a video demonstration of it every week for our students. Doing the proper analysis of the markets is a skill and it takes a lot time to acquire the skills necessary to perform an analysis that is accurate. Let's face it, anyone can do "analysis" of the market but doing correct analysis is what is extremely powerful. The markets are considered to be predicated and understood and yet this is what we have been doing weekly with incredible accuracy.

Where does our accuracy come from? How are we able to predict the moves of the markets?


Every week the professor Kevin aka Magic Trader will go through all the major and minor currency pairs that are traded in the portfolio as well as Gold and Oil and will show you how he analyzes the markets, determines what is most likely going to happen with each market and where the highest probability trades will be located. This process is the key to finding zones that are created by the institutions and have a high probability to be used to propel price in a specific direction. These institutional zones are extremely difficult to find but when located are considered to be institutional trade signals, these trade signals when triggered, have the potential to provide 1:3 - 1:10 risk to return ratios and sometimes even higher.

Below you will find an example of one of the FOREX Market Outlook videos that are provided to members and students only.

Check out one of our Forex Market Outlook videos here
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