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What makes our University experience unique? We believe in order for someone to really excel in their studies they have to be involved in continuous education, they have to have access to a classroom where they can meet with other students and ask questions and debate the material being discussed. This process allows one to truly understand what is being taught. At White Oak University we offer many classroom sessions throughout the month. During these sessions we will review one of the concepts taught within one of the education levels. We may do one of Institutional Supply and Demand Level 2 and students who are at Level 2 will have access to the class where they are encouraged to take part in the class, ask questions, share their screens and even annotate my notes, charts and drawings. This process allows student and professor to communicate without barriers as intimately as if one on one in person.

At White Oak University, our main focus is providing education excellence and providing that in ways that can help our students on their journey to absorb the material as quickly as possible.

If you want to join in on one of our classroom sessions and begin your learning, you can become a student by choosing the Student Enrollment option of the enrollment options.

During our chart analysis sessions:

  • We are on a quest to improve our thoughts and beliefs of the markets.

  • We search for valuable information to add to our ever expanding awareness of market dynamics.

  • We encourage contrarian analysis to discover benefits and disadvantages, then actively investigate what the market teaches us the analysis.

  • We are always evidence driven. We seek for the markets to tells us what is correct and what is incorrect analysis.

  • We encourage discussions among the students. Speak on the concepts and principles we use and note every occurrence they are proven correct.

  • We discuss the view of the retail traders and examine how the institutions create chart patterns to lure retail traders. 

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